Get Ready For BottosCon 2024:

A Mere Matter of Gaming

WHEN: Nov. 7-10, 2024

WHERE: Inn at the Quay, New Westminster, British Coumbia

The North Shore Wargaming Society is proud to host BottosCon 2024, our  Eighteenth ANNUAL gaming convention for all war gamer's in British Columbia, and the Pacific Northwest.  The very first BottosCon took place in November of 2007 with just 32 attendees and ran for 3 days. Since then we have grown to 150 attendees, and now draw attendees from all over North America and beyond. ***Due to the success of last year's experiment with a 4th day, BottosCon will now run for 4 days from Thursday through Sunday. Players will have the option of purchasing either a 3 day or 4 day pass. ***

BottosCon is an inclusive event where friend's, couples, and family are able to come together to enjoy our shared passion. Attendees range from novice gamer's to veteran grognards. The overriding purpose of BottosCon is for people to come out, make friends, play games, and have fun, and build community.  To that end, we have been very successful. 

This year's convention will see us return to the Inn at the Quay, 900 Quayside Drive, New Westminster, B.C.

Our focus will be on gaming, not structure. BottosCon is an opportunity to play some great games, whether they be War, Euro, RPG, or Miniatures and make some new friends. 

George Kelln's ASL West Coast Rumble tournament will once again make an appearance at this year's convention. 

The Trumpeters Tabletop Society will oversee our Miniatures table, and the various miniature games will be spread out over the length of the convention. 

Wayne Skipper will once again be hosting our Blockhead Bivouac featuring blockgames from various game publishers. 

This year will see us formally add Role Playing games to our line up and our boardroom will host various RPG sessions throughout the convention.  

The majority of the games are arranged between players ahead of time, but there is always room for a pick up game. Open gaming will be subject to space availability and will be on a first come, first served basis. Our game swap table has been a resounding success, so if you have a few games you're looking to sell or trade, please bring them along and there will be space to display your wares. 

Through our registration process we take up a collection for the Tri City Share Society Foodbank.  To date we have raised just over $3000 since we began collecting donations in 2018. BottosCon will always be a convention with a social conscience.   

$1.00 from each registration will go towards a donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation to be made in the name of our late friend and founding BottosCon attendee Rick White.

If you have any questions please consult the FAQ or e-mail me at

Thank you

Rob Bottos 

BottosCon Organizer

Why BottosCon?

Our focus is on gaming, not structure. BottosCon is an opportunity to play great games, whether they be War, Euro, or Miniatures and make new friends.